The Amazing Upstate Race

Greenville’s Newest Competitive Event

August 21, 2021

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See one of the Best Cities in the US from a different POV

We always knew it, but when U.S. News said Greenville was a “Best City” it was hard to ignore. In the Amazing Upstate Race, see all the best that Greenville has to offer—rom a slightly different point of view.

Five AMAZING Challenge Locations

From axe throwing to hitting the green, we’ve modified some of the most fun activities that Greenville has to offer to make the challenges one of the best around

A Few Secret Missions, For Good Measure

Think just five challenges sounds too easy? Then we'll throw in a few secret missions just for good measure. Get added points for crossing them off your list.

Finale and Awards Event

We think that running this Amazing Upstate race is award enough, but just to be sure, we’ve added some real bling at the end. Join us for the finale (and final challenge) and awards ceremony!

About the Race

The Amazing Upstate Race is an exciting new event hosted in Upstate South Carolina to benefit Upstate International, a non-profit dedicated to bringing people and businesses of all nations together, creating community through programs, events and initiatives designed to foster the dynamic exchange of international cultures and ideas. As a first-year event, The Amazing Upstate Race will serve as the signature fundraiser for Upstate International, bringing together 20 competing teams in a variety of challenges hosted by venues across the Upstate of South Carolina.

Here’s where your money goes to when you decide to join the Amazing Upstate Race:

Language Classes

If you’re looking to learn a new language, look no further than Upstate International! Our language classes are unique —not only are they taught by native speakers of that language, but the small class sizes allows for more interaction and individual attention, making those language lessons stick!

Cultural and International Events

With events that fall under three main categories: cultural, world affairs, or international business—Upstate International events and programs increase awareness, broaden horizons, and inspire appreciation for the many different expressions of cultures in our world.

Relocation Services

Upstate International’s Relocation Program is designed to help individuals and families relocating to the Upstate, especially those coming from international locations. The move to a new country can be stressful and overwhelming, but our program offers coordination and guidance to those who may need help with social security and licensing, utilities, schools, banking, and more.


Educating others, and ourselves, about different countries and cultures remains one of the core goals of Upstate International. From educational events to online resources and more, Upstate International is a prime resource for building our international community here in the Upstate.

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