March 2, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Clemson University

Clemson University Carillon

To Kick off Upstate International Month join Clemson University Carillon. National Anthems from around the world will be performed and you can enjoy listening to them from all around the campus.

Once a year, the belfries of the Upstate chime in unison to ring in Upstate International Month.  From Oconee to Spartanburg, and Greenwood to Greenville, the Upstate swells with tintinnabulation.  March 1st marks the beginning of our annual month-long celebration of the rich cultural diversity present here in the Upstate.  On Monday, March 2nd, at 12 pm, bells will ring from all corners of the region in recognition of the traditions that formed the basis of the Upstate’s diverse beginnings.  Bergamo, Italy, is one of Greenville’s sister cities and we pay homage to their bell ringing tradition.

Bergamo sits in view of the Alpine foothills and is one of the oldest cities in all of Italy.  Every evening at 10 pm, bells throughout the city chime 100 times to honor the tradition of the nightly warning that the great city gates were about to close.  The gates no longer close but the nightly ritual continues.

Hear what cooperation sounds like as the educational institutions and churches throughout the Upstate ring their bells 100 times.

Here’s a list of the anthems that will be played, the Clemson students playing them and their respective majors:

ARGENTINA Gabby Garringer, Language and International Trade

AUSTRALIA Dr. Linda Dzuris, University Carillonneur

AUSTRIA Alex Lee, Graduate Computer Science

BARBADOS Sophie Nelson, Special Education

CANADA Brian Moulder, Architecture

CHINA Dr. Linda Dzuris, University Carillonneur

 COSTA RICO Brennan Dougherty, General Engineering

 FRANCE Lindsey Cook, English

 GERMANY Alyssa Edwards, Genetics

 GREAT BRITAIN Erica Wearing, Agricultural Education

 INDIA Dr. Linda Dzuris, University Carillonneur

 IRISH REPUBLIC Allison DeLoache, Biological Sciences

 ITALY Shreya Shankar, Industrial Engineering

 JAPAN John Kathe, Performing Arts

 LATVIA Asher Quesenberry, Political Science

 MEXICO Brett Levi, Agribusiness

 PHILIPPINES Oliver Tucker, Biological Sciences

 PUERTO RICO Brett Levi, Agribusiness

 SCOTLAND Allison DeLoache, Biological Sciences

 SPAIN Cassady Cook, Mathematical Sciences

 SOUTH AFRICA Dr. Linda Dzuris, University Carillonneur

 TAIWAN  Sarah Baum, Chemical Engineering.

 UNITED STATES of AMERICA Jake Faulkner, Agricultural Education