Alison Kosnett

Development and Governance Consultant

Alison Kosnett is an international development expert with over two decades of public and private sector experience in designing, implementing, and managing international development initiatives to support governance and economic renewal in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Central/South Asia.

She has worked on the ground in Poland, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan with the U.S. Labor Department, State Department, and USAID, developing an extensive knowledge of public-private partnerships and U.S. Government contracting. She is respected for her cultural adaptability and her commitment to women’s rights and to developing local capacity and empowering local leadership. A graduate of Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in Virginia with dual degrees in Russian Studies and International Relations, Alison Kosnett has studied Russian in St. Petersburg and Tashkent. She is a recipient of four Department of State Meritorious Honor Awards, the Department of State Expeditionary Service Award, and the USAID Meritorious Honor Award.

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