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UI provides PayPal as a convenient way for donors to contribute online. The system allows Upstate International to accept contributions made with Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit cards. The system also allows contributors to pledge donations, print invoices, and send their payments to Upstate International via U.S. Mail.

Upstate International Founder's Fund

Supporting Global Education right here at Home

Looking back to Upstate International’s founding in 1998, it is certainly exciting to be in our own renovated community center with a new yard addition, diverse membership, resource filled website, and with the many incredible programs being offered. These initiatives include the Monique and Bill Glass School of International Languages, the World Affairs Council Upstate and its Global Upstate Conference on International Business and World Affairs, the International Women’s Group, Salsa at Sunset, Upstate International Month, and more.

Requests for services and classes are on the rise as our region grows through foreign investment, local entrepreneurship, and an influx of residents seeking to make our home theirs as well. Scholarship-based English classes, cross cultural communication training, and low-cost international language classes are needed now more than ever.

We have established a Founder’s Fund to underwrite our language school and services. Our goal for the fund is $25,000, for our Silver Anniversary, to cover material costs and teacher pay, scholarships, the facility, and staffing.

This 25th Anniversary is the perfect way to celebrate what has been accomplished and to support the UI Team’s critical needs as the mission moves into the next 25 years!

We hope you will join us in funding this needed and impactful resource that is the Heart of Global Engagement for Upstate SC. Contributions can be made in cash, credit card, PayPal, and by check. We are most grateful for your support.

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Tangible gifts and services that advance the causes of UI are appreciated. Contributions will be acknowledged in newsletters. In addition, all donations are tax-deductible. Please email and tell us what type of donation you would like to give.
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Why Upstate International is Great for Community

25 Years of Service

Benefiting the Upstate community for over 25 years now, UI is the hub that connects the Upstate community to newcomers and diverse cultures around the globe. Through language classes, speaker series, fun events, and conferences, we work to bring the world to the Upstate.

Learning new languages builds job skills, improves memory function, and increases cultural compentency.

Our community believes in diversity & inclusion and Upstate International lives it through a vibrant mission.

To shape the world is to educate the world on issues and policy from a non-partisan position.

America was build on immigration and Upstate South Carolina is home to the world.

The world is an interesting place to explore.

Friendships built at Upstate International can last a life time.

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