Upstate International Month (UIM) is a multi-county collaboration of organizations, partners, sponsors, and communities. Welcoming, supporting, celebrating, and educating through a variety of internationally themed events, UIM promotes our rich cultural diversity, heritage, and global connections.

What is Upstate International Month?

UIM is a month-long program of internationally themed events designed to highlight, promote and celebrate the rich international and cultural diversity we all share in and benefit from living in the Upstate. Since it began in 2013, we’ve had over 100 internationally themed events happening throughout the Upstate every March providing opportunities for hundreds upon hundreds of people to be introduced to a variety of cultural experiences.  Upstate International is the catalyst that encourages, and the glue that holds together, all of the international events happening in March in an effort to educate and excite the public and celebrate the Upstate’s international diversity and connections.

Thanks to over 50 event hosts, we have been able to offer everything from international coffee and cuisine tastings, university lectures on global issues, various internationally themed musical performances, international film/documentary screenings, bi-lingual story times, various St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, international cooking classes, international dance performances and lessons, an international trivia night, an African Gala, a Korea Night, a Be Irish for a Day event, a Caliente Cuba night, international artists receptions and wine tastings, a town hall dialogue about Islam highlighting that knowledge ends extremism, and so much more….

Upstate International encourages hosts to put on events and  to co-brand their events as part of UIM so that the month as a whole is recognized. By co-branding events as part of UIM, coupled with our promoting the events on our website, through social media, and UIM calendar pages, as well as in TV and radio spots, we are able to present an easily identifiable UIM brand that draws more attention to the month-long initiative.  It is our goal to promote those events under the umbrella of Upstate International Month because there is strength in numbers; promoting each event as part of a larger initiative heightens awareness of each individual event and culture while at the same time advertises the Upstate as a whole, committed to honoring our international and cultural diversity.

Participate in Upstate International Month

During the month of March, celebrate and share in our cultural diversity by attending a variety of activities, hosting an event, volunteering, or donating. March has become a highly anticipated feast for the senses and we invite you to participate! If you have questions or want to register your event, please email us, or call 864-631-2188.

There are four ways to play a special role in this year’s UIM:


Attend UIM Events

View the colors of the world through costume, flags, traditional dance, and demonstrations. Hear the voices and music of distant countries. Taste the flavors of a whole new world through international cooking demonstrations, galas, and festivals. Learn about the customs and languages in our diverse Upstate.


Host an Event

Do you wish to share a tradition, cuisine, experience, or skill with the Upstate community? Host a UIM event! The only limitation, beyond that of your imagination, is that each event have a cultural or international focus. If you would like to brainstorm or discuss your ideas, or if you have an event that you would like to add to our UI Month calendar, please contact us at or call 864-631-2188.



Offer your valuable skills, time, and assistance during a UIM event. Volunteer solo or bring a friend or family member! If you’re interested in volunteering, email us. Whether you have a flair for fundraising, or want to help spread the word about events, your participation is always welcome. If you’d like to participate in planning our next UI Month or if you’re just looking for more information, please email us at or call 864-631-2188.


Become a Sponsor

All of our sponsorship levels are designed to not only help us celebrate the cultures of the Upstate, but also to recognize and promote the individuals and businesses that contribute to it. Sponsorships are available on multiple levels and packages can be adjusted depending on the goals of your business or organization.



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