Upstate International (UI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to empower people and businesses of all nations to thrive in the Upstate by connecting them through programs, events, and initiatives that foster the dynamic exchange of international cultures and ideas.

Our Story

What began in 1997 as the International Cultural Alliance officially became The International Center of the Upstate. It was the vision of our founders that, through education and the sharing of cultural experiences, cultural exchanges and friendships among the residents of the Upstate would form.

Now known as Upstate International (UI), our goal remains to provide opportunities for local residents to engage in the increasingly global Upstate region through exciting cultural programs and various services, including language classes, conversation opportunities, relocation services, and social clubs. As we have continued to grow and respond to our changing world, we have added educational forums through the World Affairs Council, humanitarian outreach luncheons, global business connections, and educational programming.

In addition, our Upstate International Month highlights the beauty of our diverse community through musical and artistic performances, discussions, book talks, culinary experiences and much more during the month of March. Take a look at our events calendar to find opportunities to broaden your horizons.

UI offers membership to any Upstate resident wishing to get involved in our unique programs or services.

Interested in joining a UI club, learning a new language, or making global connections?