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Moving to a new place is often a stressful and overwhelming experience, especially for those moving from a different country. Upstate International’s Relocation program is a fee based program designed to help anyone who needs a hand. Having qualified assistance eases the strain and effectiveness of the settling-in process and adds to the excitement and joy of new adventures.

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UI’s Relocation Services offers guidance for new Upstate residents needing help obtaining social security and licensing, utilities, schools, banking, and more. Our relocation specialist will assist you with where to go, whom to contact, and proper documentation to have in hand. Services are tailored to an individual or family’s needs. The extent of the assistance varies from a few hours to several days. If you want to use UI’s relocation services, please get in touch with [email protected]. Relocation services are not a free service and will require a small fee.

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  1. For non U.S. citizens, you may apply for a South Carolina’s driver’s license or identification card only at specific SCDMV Locations.
  2. To find the location closest to you, visit the SCDMV page for international customers and select the Find an SCDMV Branch button.
  3. Upon reaching the page, select the International Customers tab.


Once you have found the location closest to you and scheduled an appointment, you must bring certain identity documents with you. A complete list of accepted documents can be found on the International Customers’ Checklist (SCDMV Form MV-94).

Please visit the article on How to register a vehicle in the US as a non US-resident

Please visit the Greenville County Answer Book for more information.

  1. To set up a school tour, either call the school and schedule a visit time or go online and schedule an appointment.
  2. South Carolina requires two documents as a prerequisite to enroll a child in a South Carolina public school. The Department of Health and Environmental Control Immunization Form is required of all children; however, DHEC allows a thirty-day waiver for students to present records or begin immunizations. A birth certificate or other proof of age, as determined by the school district, is required for the first-time enrollment for children entering kindergarten or first grade. In addition, your district may require written proof of residency. A district may not deny a student enrollment due to the lack of proof of immigration status, and a district should not request that information of the parent. Social Security Cards or numbers are not required, nor must parents be required to present South Carolina driver’s licenses for their proof of residency.
  1. Please review this article on how to choose a bank
  2. Next, review this list of banks in the Greenville area and choose a bank
  3. Once you have chosen a bank, please compile these documents
    1. Proof of U.S. Address
    2. Proof of Foreign Address
    3. Valid Driver’s License, passport or other official government document
    4. SSN or individual taxpayer identification number
    5. Deposit Payment
    6. Immigration Documents
    7. Proof of income

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