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Individual Country Contacts

Region Country Country Contact E-mail Phone Number
Asia China Leei Mao [email protected] (864) 250-8427
China Mei Li [email protected]
India Anand Manian (864) 329-1797
(864) 371-9458
Japan Yuji Kishimoto [email protected] (864) 506-0495
Korea Sara Sook Yoon [email protected] (864) 414-5838
Pakistan & Bangladesh Nasim Ahmad
Thailand Aimon Kopera [email protected] (864) 275-1148
Vietnam Phuong Vo [email protected] (864) 458-3760
Europe Belgium Stijn Van de Velde [email protected] (864) 525-5458
Denmark Greta Huygen [email protected] (864) 201-4249
Finland Marko Huttunen [email protected] (864) 787-0928
France Monique Glass [email protected]
Germany Klaus Westerwelle [email protected] (864) 908-0690
Great Britain Elaine Connington [email protected] (864) 469-7478
Italy Stefania Cammarata Bondurant [email protected] (864) 430-2208
Netherlands Margo Pons [email protected] (864) 494-7517
Norway Grethe Bunes [email protected] (864) 483-2333
Poland Lech Kuzmicki [email protected] (714) 529-5740
Turkey Tolga Ozarslan [email protected] (864) 353-5630
North, South & Central America, Caribbean Haiti Joshua Paul [email protected] (864) 420-7779
Bermuda Heather Smith [email protected]
Mexico Carmen Gallagher [email protected] (864) 248-0614
(864) 884-6398
Panama Nivia Toothman [email protected] (864) 242-6627
Puerto Rico Nancy Bocanegra [email protected] (864) 346-6574
Argentina Norman Baker [email protected] (864) 747-1715
Brazil Aline Henao [email protected] (864) 380-7953
Colombia Hugo Fehrenbach [email protected] (864) 505 4422
Peru Consuelo Sculthorpe [email protected] (864) 250-8284
Peru Liliana Kuzmicki [email protected] (714) 504-1042
Africa South Africa Mapitso Rivera [email protected] (864) 407-9058
Australia Australia Alix Sanchez [email protected] (262) 497-5692

International Organizations

Greenville International Folk Dance Club Beth or Christine [email protected] 864) 458-8582 or
(864) 967-2074http://www.vediccenterofgreenville.org/

Region Group Name Contact Name E-mail Phone Number Website
International Center for International Studies, University of South Carolina Upstate Dr. Alex Akulli (Director) [email protected] (864) 503-5769 uscupstate.edu/academics/international_studies
Clemson Area International Friendship Kathy Mabry (President) [email protected] (864) 882-8141 or
(864) 710-2756
Clemson International Student Association Kathleen Costello (Director of Graduate Admissions) [email protected] (864) 656-2561 http://www.clemson.edu/campus-life/campus-services/international/student-arrival/community.html
Flamenco Arts Jose de Guadelupe [email protected] (864) 320-8991 www.flamenco-arts.org
Furman University International Students Association (FUISA)/ Office of Multicultural Affairs Chrissy McCrary [email protected] (864) 294-3676 furman.edu
Greenville Sister Cities International Craig Lundgren (President) [email protected] (864) 213-5382
(864) 288-5544
(864) 346-8062
Greenville Sister Cities International Dr. Diane Clark-Kudless [email protected] Office:(864) 346-8062
Cell:(864) 244-5915
Greenville Technical College International Education (864) 250-8856 http://www.gvltec.edu/international-education/
Greenville Islamic Center and Masjid Osama Alkatib (President) [email protected] (864) 498-4055 http://www.greenvillemasjid.com
Hindu Society of Greater Spartanburg  Ashok Shah (President) (864) 599-7048 hindutemplespartanburg.org
Sikh Religious Society of South Carolina [email protected] (803) 261-2619 http://www.carolinasikhs.org/
Vedic Center of Greenville  Geera Desai (President)  [email protected] (864) 967-2852 http://www.vediccenterofgreenville.org/
Partners in Literacy Haiti- Cange Library  Dr. Sara C Mansbach  [email protected] (864) 414-0875  www.haitiliteracy.org
Ivannovation Darren Jansen (864) 334-8206
Fax (864) 214-0050
Africa African Heritage Institute http://www.afriheritage.org/en/
Asia Greenville Chinese Cultural Association Suchuan White [email protected] (864) 306-0424 http://www.greenvillechinese.org/
Chinese Culture and Education Center (CCEC) Huaiying Kang (864) 503-7404 or
(864) 542-4282
Upstate South Carolina Families with Children from China Vanessa Ollar [email protected] (864) 630-2663  http://fccupstatesc.blogspot.com/
Hmong-American Association of South Carolina (Laos) [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/HAAofSC/
Indian Association of Greenville Cima Mathur (President) [email protected] www.iagg.org
Progressive Indian Women’s Club (PIWC) Alka Bhavsar [email protected]
Japan American Association of SC jaasc.org/home/
Japanese Saturdar School
The Korea Center of Greenville Sara Yoon (Director) [email protected] Office:(864) 810-8282
Cell:(864) 414-5838
Philippine American Association of the Carolinas (PAAC) Marissa Marquez [email protected] (864) 593-9602 https://www.facebook.com/groups/159534007432885/
Vietnamese American Community of Greenville Phoung Vo (864) 593-9602


Daughters of the British Empire


European American Chamber of Commerce – Carolinas

Heather Smith



Samantha Spratt

[email protected]



[email protected]

(864) 469-7478



(864) 230-7746





St Andrew’s Society of Upper South Carolina Don Koonce [email protected] (864) 430-7736
Alliance Francaise Monique Glass [email protected] (864) 288-9040
The French Underground Philippe [email protected]
Ecole Francaise Bilingue/ The French Bilingual School of SC Nicolas Brindel (864) 268-5600 https://www.efbgreenville.org/
German America Chamber of Commerce Vincenc Pearson [email protected] (864) 233-3230 http://www.gaccsouth.com/
German American Club of the Carolinas Karsten Ingwersen (President) [email protected] (864) 503-5663 http://www.gaccarolinas.com/
German School Upstate South Carolina (Die Deutsche Schule Spartanburg) Gislinde Schoenborn [email protected] (864) 442-1463 http://www.germanschoolupstate.org
St George Greek Orthodox Church George Marianos (864) 233-8531
Italian American Club of Great Greenville Dick Travaglini (864) 292-2537 http://www.iacgg.org/about.html
Polish American Association Dorota Matys [email protected]
Swiss American Society of the Peidmont Hans Peter Schwendeler (President) [email protected] www.swissclubupstate.com/welcome-to-our-page.html
Latin and South America Hispanic American Women’s Association


Hispanic Alliance

Lucia Foster (Director, Public Relations Committee)

Adela Mendoza, Executive Director

[email protected]






(864) 420-2787
(864) 420-2184 






South Carolina Consulates

Country Name: E-mail Phone Number(s)
Austria Mr. Roland J. P. Zimmer [email protected]
Barbados Mrs Rhoda Adina Green (843) 571-4165
Bulgaria Mr. Donald R. Tomlin [email protected] (803) 540-3400
Chile Mr. Carlos Salinas (843) 792-2489
Fax: (843) 792-3212
Denmark Mr. Bradish Johnson Waring (843) 577-9440
Eritrea Mr. Harry Arthur Huge
France Mr. Nicolas Emile Brindel [email protected] (864) 268-5600
Gambia Mr. David Keith Shimp (843) 266-0561
Germany Mr. Mr. Clemens Schmitz Justen [email protected]  (864) 252-4509
India Mr. Mark Charles Tanenbaum (843) 577-5100
Fax: (843) 722-4688
Italy Mr. Sergio Fedelini [email protected] OR [email protected] (843) 971-4100
Fax: (843) 971-1155
Oman Mr. James Doar Lucas (803) 577-5782
Fax: (803) 577-35889
Slovenia Mr. Peter David Korn (803) 231-2020