Individual Country Contacts

Region Country Country Contact E-mail Phone Number
Asia China Leei Mao (864) 250-8427
China Mei Li
India Anand Manian (864) 329-1797
(864) 371-9458
Japan Yuji Kishimoto (864) 506-0495
Korea Sara Sook Yoon (864) 414-5838
Pakistan & Bangladesh Nasim Ahmad
Thailand Aimon Kopera (864) 275-1148
Vietnam Phuong Vo (864) 458-3760
Europe Belgium Stijn Van de Velde (864) 525-5458
Denmark Greta Huygen (864) 201-4249
Finland Marko Huttunen (864) 787-0928
France Monique Glass
Germany Klaus Westerwelle (864) 908-0690
Great Britain Elaine Connington (864) 469-7478
Italy Stefania Cammarata Bondurant (864) 430-2208
Netherlands Margo Pons (864) 494-7517
Norway Grethe Bunes (864) 483-2333
Poland Lech Kuzmicki (714) 529-5740
Turkey Tolga Ozarslan (864) 353-5630
North, South & Central America, Caribbean Haiti Joshua Paul (864) 420-7779
Canada Douglas A. Jackson (864) 357-5589
Bermuda Heather Smith
Mexico Carmen Gallagher (864) 248-0614
(864) 884-6398
Nicaragua Betania Freire
Panama Nivia Toothman (864) 242-6627
Puerto Rico Nancy Bocanegra (864) 346-6574
Argentina Norman Baker (864) 747-1715
Brazil Aline Henao (864) 380-7953
Colombia Hugo Fehrenbach (864) 505 4422
Peru Consuelo Sculthorpe (864) 250-8284
Peru Liliana Kuzmicki (714) 504-1042
Africa Senegal Lamine Diedhiou
South Africa Mapitso Rivera (864) 407-9058
Australia Australia Alix Sanchez (262) 497-5692

International Organizations

International Associations & Organizations – Upstate, SC
Region Group Name Website Phone Number Contact Name
International Center for International Studies and Language Services, USC Upstate 864-503-5661 Deryle Hope (Director)
Clemson Area International Friendship 864-882-8141 Kathy Mabry (President)
Clemson International Student Association 864-656-2561 Kathleen Costello (Director of Graduate Admissions)
Flamenco Arts 864-320-8991 Jose De Guadelupe
Furman University International Students Association (FVISA)/ Office of Multicultural Affairs 864-294-3676 Chriss McCrary
Greenville International Folk Dance Club 864-458-8582 Beth or Christine
Greenville Islamic Center and Masjid 864-498-4055
Greenville Sister Cities International 864-213-5382 Craig Lundgren (President)
Greenville Technical College International Education 864-250-8856 Dr. Bonnie Smith (Director of Education)
Hindu Society of Greater Spartanburg 864-599-7048 Ashok Shah (President)
Ivannovation 864-334-8206 Darren Jansen
Partners in Literacy Haiti 864-414-0875 Dr. Sara C. Mansbach
Sikh Religious Society of South Carolina 803-261-2619
Upstate International 864-631-2188 Tracie Frese (Executive Director)
Vedic Center of Greenville 864-967-2852 Geera Desai (President)
Africa African Heritage Institute 864-268-8645 Betty Elrod Ownes
Asia Greenville Chinese Cultural Association 864-306-0424 Suchuan White
Chinese Culture and Education Center (CCEC) 864-503-7404 Huaiying Kang
Upstate South Carolina Families with Children from China Vanessa Ollar
Chinese School of Greenville (GCCA) Dr. Yan Zhao (Principal)
Hmong-American Association of South Carolina 864-599-0457
India Association of Greenville (IAG)
Progressive Indian Women’s Club (PIWC) 864-292-0445 Alka Bhavsar
Japan America Association of South Carolina 864-288-5544
Japanese Saturday School 864-288-5544
The Korean Center of Greenville 864-414-5838 Sara Yoon (Director)
Philippine American Association of the Carolinas (PAAC) Marissa Marquez
Vietnamese American Community of Greenville 864-593-9602 Phoung Vo
Europe Daughters of the British Empire 864-469-7478 Elaine Connington
St. Andrew’s Society of Upper South Carolina 864-430-7736 Don Koonce
Alliance Francaise 864-288-9040 Monique Glass
The French Underground Philippe
International School of Greenville 864-315-8315 Florence La Forge
German American Chamber of Commerce 404-586-6800 David Lewis
German American Club of the Carolinas 864-599-5660 Beate Pirchmoster
European American Chamber 864-239-3716
Irish Cara Club 864-239-3716
Die Detusche Schule Spartanburgh 864-735-0611 Gislinde Schoenborn
St. George Greek Orthodox Church 864-233-8531 George Marianos
Italian American Club 864-292-2537 Dick Travaglini
Polish American Association Dorota Matys
Polish American Club Anna Matusz
Russian Meetup Group 864-294-6051 Elena Tobias
Sveorna/Swedish Club 864-268-0069 Ms. Gunnel Storm
Latin and South America Hispanic American Women’s Association 864-420-2787 Lucia Foster (Director, Public Relations Committee)
Hispanic Alliance 864-250-8968 Adela Mendoza (Executive Director

South Carolina Honorary Consuls

Honorary Consuls for South Carolina
Country Pre-Fix First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Title Covered States
AUSTRIA Mr. Roland Zimmer Honorary Consul South Carolina, North Carolina
BARBADOS Mrs. Rhoda Maynard Green Honorary Consul South Carolina
BELGIUM Mr. Jean Louis Vanderstraeten Honorary Consul South Carolina
BRAZIL Mr. Luis Paulo Leite Honorary Consul South Carolina
BULGARIA Mr. Donald R. Tomlin Honorary Consul South Carolina
CYPRUS Mrs. Polyxeni “Poly” Potter Homorary Consul Southeast United States
CZECH REPUBLIC Mr. Petr Vasicko Honorary Consul North Carolina, South Carolina
DENMARK Mr. Bradish J. Waring Honorary Consul North Carolina, South Carolina
ESTONIA Mr. Harry A. Huge Honorary Consul South Carolina
FINLAND Mr. Todd Wiebusch Honorary Consul North Carolina, South Carolina
FRANCE Mr. Nicholas Brindel Honorary Consul South Carolina
FRANCE Mrs. Corinne Gayard Mills Honorary Consul South Carolina
GEORGIA Mr. David Keith Shimp Honorary Consul South Carolina
GERMANY Mr. Clemens Scmitz-Justen Honorary Consul South Carolina
GHANA Mr. Cherod Webber Honorary Consul City of Columbia
GUATEMALA Mr. Steven Kropp Honorary Consul North Carolina, South Carolina
GUATEMALA Mrs. Karen Kropp Honorary Vice Consul North Carolina, South Carolina
HUNGARY Mr. Christian Istvan Domeny Honorary Consul North Carolina, South Carolina
ICELAND Mr. Mark Charles Tanenbaum Honorary Consul South Carolina
ITALY Mr. Renato Vicario Consular Correspondent South Carolina
ITALY Mr. Sergio Fedelini Honorary Consul South Carolina
LATVIA Mr. Roberts Kukainis Honorary Consul South Carolina
LIECHTENSTEIN Dr. Bruce S. Allen Honorary Consul South and Southeastern US
LUXEMBOURG Mr. Georges Hoffman Honorary Consul Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina
MONACO Mr. Charles H. Battle Jr. Honorary Consul Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee
NETHERLANDS Mr. Ewoud N. Swaak Honorary Consul Georgia, South Carolina
NEW ZEALAND Mr. Ian Lathem Honorary Consul Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina
NORWAY Mr. James Doar Lucas Jr. Honorary Consul South Carolina
SLOVAK REPUBLIC Mr. Peter David Korn Honorary Consul
ST. VINCENT/GRENADINES The Honorable Alban Niles Honorary Consul Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina
SWEDEN Mr. Magnus Natt och Dag Honorary Consul North Carolina, South Carolina
SWITZERLAND Mr. Hanspeter Bretscher Honorary Consul North Carolina, South Carolina
UGANDA Mr. Clance “Jack” Ellis Honorary Consul Georgia, South Carolina