Ambassador Program

Helping You Feel at Home

Upstate International thrives on Making Connections

Supporting Diversity in our Community

Upstate International thrives on making connections – reaching out to anyone interested in international culture, global issues and education, and fostering the dynamic exchange of ideas. UI Ambassadors are passionate about what Upstate International has to offer. They welcome, support, and celebrate the international diversity that makes this community such a vibrant place.

Ambassadors are Passionate & Welcoming

An Ambassador can help you get connected to programs, groups, and activities that will facilitate a deeper connection with other Upstate residents and cultures. Read the bios below to become acquainted with each of our UI Ambassadors. Let their passion for the world ignite yours.

Contact an Ambassador to learn about his or her experiences with Upstate International and how you can benefit through participation.

Carmen Gallagher
Francisco Sanchez
Mapitso Rivera
Monique Glass
Yuji Kishimoto
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