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June 26, 2024

(International Women's Group Event) Meet with the International Women’s Group at Jasmine Kitchen to enjoy lunch with friends!

July 24, 2024

(International Women's Group Event) Meet with the International Women’s Group at Jasmine Kitchen to enjoy lunch with friends!

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Upstate International (UI) a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that fosters dynamic global engagement by connecting people, resources, and ideas. 

Promoting Global Identity

& Sustaining International Engagement

Dedicated to fostering a deep understanding of global affairs and cultures, and supported by individuals and businesses, Upstate International engages globally-minded South Carolinians directly with each other and with topic experts, elected officials, civic leaders, and professionals from around the world.

Living Diversity & Inclusion

By Remove Barriers in SC

All programming at Upstate International celebrates cultural diversity, enhances cross-cultural respect, and ensures the Upstate embraces diversity of age, gender, race, religion, economics, and culture.

A very positive experience for those who took languages early in life and want to refresh and relearn them.

Barbara B.

Mr. Rivera tried to create a class atmosphere where it was very informal, inclusive and conversation- oriented which made it very effective for me as a student learning a foreign language as an adult.

Saku G.

If the first time didn’t work, she found another way to tell us what we needed to know – the mark of a true teacher!

UI Class Participant

I am thankful not only for the terrific instruction given in class but also for the congenial classmates. Although several no longer attend classes, we developed a friendship and are still in touch.

Janis B.

UI is a great way to learn without the pressure of college classes with tests and weighted grades.

UI Class Participant

Randy is very enthusiastic about Spanish and it was catching! He gave me the courage to get out at speak it in public. Thanks Randy!!

Julianne Summer

Monica is an outstanding teacher and created a pleasant and fun ambience which contributed to my learning so much and improving my conversational Spanish!

Janis B.

Atsuko was so patient! I loved that the class was so small, so we all got very individualized instruction!

Mary F.

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Get ready to impress your friends with your new dance moves and Spanish vocabulary and dance your way to fluency! 

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