J. Blackmon

Special Agent with the Department of Homeland Security

Special Agent J. Blackmon joined Homeland Security Investigations in 2007, in the Financial Group in Atlanta, GA. Since 2013, J. has been assigned to Greenville, SC. J. has primarily focused his career on financial investigations, and his casework involves money laundering, narcotics smuggling, illicit proceeds, gambling operations, synthetic drugs, Unlicensed Money Remitters, Black Market Peso Exchanges, bulk cash smuggling, T-iii wire investigations and Certified Undercover Ops. J. was just released back in to the wild from a super-secret government lab in the DC area where his primary function is to be the Big, Dumb Agent filter for a bunch of folks way smarter than himself. Before this, J. worked for a great lil’ bank called Wachovia.

J’s largest single forfeiture (to date) has been $4.88 million in cash and accounts million, plus another $5 million in real property, which was made during a synthetic drug case. J’s largest BitCoin forfeiture (to date) has been $983,000.00, during a dark web MDMA (ecstasy) investigation. J. very recently swore out a federal search warrant on the phone while sitting in an Arby’s drive thru.

J. holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s, both from the University of South Carolina.

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