Lisa DeWaard

A former professor, Lisa taught and researched in the field of cross-cultural communication for 16 years before coming to Hofstede Insights as an Associate Partner in 2017. Now as the Managing Director and CEO of Hofstede Insights USA, she works with the Associated Practitioners in the country to design and deliver exceptional consulting services in the areas of Intercultural Management, Organizational Culture, and Consumer Culture Intelligence.

Lisa holds a Master’s Degree in Russian Linguistics, a Master’s of Teaching in Spanish, and a Doctorate in Second Language Acquisition. She is a member of the Board of Directors at Johann Goethe Schule, an international school in St. Petersburg, Russia. She has also lived in Italy and traveled extensively while working as a professor and consultant, providing teacher training and sharing research in the United States, Argentina, Russia, France, Canada, Italy, and Hungary, among many others.

Lisa has 12 years’ administration experience managing both people and programs. Through Hofstede Insights, she is certified in Intercultural Management, Organizational Culture, Trust Building, Consumer Cultural Intelligence, and Global Virtual Management.

When she is not working, Lisa can be found traveling the world with her husband, Kirk, a kindred language learner and adventurer, with her dogs, or curled up in a comfortable chair knitting.

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