Reid Lohr

Co-Founder & Managing Partner – EDI Advisory Group

As a successful business executive and entrepreneur, Lohr’s professional career includes COO of a major franchise corporation, Senior Team Leader for Fortune 500 mergers and reorganizations, Advisor to the Dept of State and Senior Military leaders on Civil-Military Transitions and Economic Development initiatives, and Consultant for Private Business ventures and Emerging Market investor groups.

This background gave him broad experience in International Development, Socioeconomic Improvements, and Foreign Affairs in high-profile, complex environments. Most recent work has included spearheading Franchise Initiatives in developing countries and leading teams focused on i) Economic and Operational Transitions, ii) Multinational Engagements and Competency, and iii) Situational Assessments and Resiliency in conflict and post-conflict regions.

He has worked in over 33 countries and various regions, including the Middle East, Africa, Europe, East Asia, South Asia, and North and Central America, and the former Soviet Union. Interconnected issues such as socioeconomic inclusion, trade and investment, and organizational development were significant concerns in these diverse environments.

Working at the ground level with Senior Government leaders, Private Businesses, and NGOs (U.S. and foreign) engagements focused on decision support, conflict management, strategic direction and tactical implementation, and oversight. Results have included building ‘strategic’ relationships and addressing broader issues from a systemic perspective.

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