March 1, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Clemson University

Clemson University Carillon

To Kick off Upstate International Month join Clemson University Carillon. 23 National Anthems from around the world will be performed.

Israel performed by Sarah Baum, Chemical Engineering
Canada performed by Cal Bedenbaugh, History
The United States, France, and China performed by Linda Dzuris, University Carillonneur

                Germany performed by Sam Hobson, Performing Arts

                           Belgium performed by Ashley Hodge, Sports Communication
                         Lebanon performed by Sam Ingerslew, Mechanical Engineering
                                The Netherlands performed by Erin Kelsey, Computer Engineering
Russia performed by John Lawler, Computer Engineering

Chile, Mexico, Iceland, Cuba, and the Philippines
performed by Aubrey Lawson, Graduate Computer Science
South Africa performed by Kate Mills, Nursing
Japan performed by Maria Roberts, Psychology
Sweden performed by Rachel Rosstedt, Civil Engineering

Scotland performed by Erica Snow, General Engineering

Uganda performed by Callie Stuart, Bio-Engineering
United Kingdom, Ireland, and India performed by Darby Ward, Graduate History