March 10, 2023 all-day
Worldwide Event
United Nations

International Day of Women Judges is celebrated on March 10 each year to promote equal and complete participation of women at different levels of the judiciary. Women’s involvement in the judiciary is critical to ensure that courts represent their population, respond to their concerns, and issue competent decisions. Women judges increase the credibility of courts just by being present, giving a strong message that they are open and accessible to anyone seeking justice. Join us as we honor all women judges. From International Today

Did you know? (UN website)

  • Forty per cent of judges were women in 2017, which is 35 per cent more than in 2008.
  • In 1946, Eleanor Roosevelt famously penned an “open letter to the women of the world,” urging their increased involvement in national and international affairs.
  • In most European countries, there are more women than men professional judges or magistrates; however, women represent 41 per cent of the judges in national supreme courts and only 25 per cent of court presidents.