Global Engagement in the Upstate Just Got Easier!

Global Engagement in the Upstate Just Got Easier!
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Upstate International Unveils New Website to Enhance User Experience

[Greenville, SC] – January 18, 2024 – Upstate International, a center for cross-cultural understanding and connection in the Upstate of South Carolina, is excited to unveil its new website to better serve its community and promote global engagement! The new website design offers a user-friendly interface, simplifying access to Upstate International’s programs, events, and services. Building upon our previous website, our new website also brings with it a dynamic calendar of intentionally focused events, an insightful blog, and valuable resources. Upstate International’s new website is perfect for those interested in learning more about a wide array of topics from a global perspective, including education, business, languages, language learning, and world issues. Whether you’re a newcomer or a long-time resident, it’s designed to be your go-to resource.

Exploring all that Upstate International has to offer has become even more accessible with its new website. Our website now offers enhanced accessibility for people all over the globe, thanks to the implementation of a translatable option of 7 different languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, and Russian. With Upstate International Month in March, a region-wide initiative where we focus on hosting events that foster community collaboration, just around the corner, our new interactive calendar of culturally and globally focused events is more important than ever. With this new interactive calendar, businesses & organizations are now able to fill out a form to input their own events, making it easier than ever for them to be part of “Fun on a Global Scale.”

Beyond the website, Upstate International is gearing up for additional programs and events, aligning with its mission. Join us as we continue to build bridges and celebrate diversity in our community.


About Upstate International

Founded in 1998, Upstate International is a 501(c)(3) organization that empowers people and businesses of all nations to thrive in the Upstate by connecting them through programs, events and initiatives that foster the dynamic exchange of international cultures and ideas.

MEDIA CONTACT: Linley Crocker, Language Program Manager, 864-631-2188

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