Africa and China: Symbiotic or Neocolonial Relationship?

Africa and China: Symbiotic or Neocolonial Relationship?

Kroc Center ,
424 Westfield Street, Greenville
12:00 pm -
01:00 pm
$12, includes your choice of three lunch options, or $5 if you prefer to live-stream the event
Categories: Open to Public | UI Program | WACU Program

In-Person Lunch and Learn. Join the World Affairs Council Upstate, along with our expert, Trevor Rubenzer, for the next in our monthly series, Beyond the Headlines: Critical Issues Impacting our World”. Chinese Investment on the African continent has increassed significantly in recent years. What do African countries and China hope to gain from the relationship? How is the relationship different from typical developmental assistance? Can African states gain the benefits of economic development without ceding economic or political sovereignty?

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