The Future of the EU, Israel, and Arab Relations

The Future of the EU, Israel, and Arab Relations

Kroc Center,
424 Westfield St., Greenville SC
12:00 pm -
01:30 pm
$14 or FREE without lunch
Categories: Beyond the Headlines | Open to Public | WACU Program

Beyond the Headlines Series

Guest Speaker: Dr. Buket Oztas is an Assistant Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Furman University. Her research focuses on the changing institutional dynamics in predominantly Muslim countries, with particular interest in post-Islamism and transnational identities, and includes an ongoing research initiative on the agenda-setting powers of the European Commission.

This discussion will provide an overview of the European Union’s strategic objectives, economic stakes, and humanitarian commitments in the Middle East, particularly in light of the Gaza Conflict. It will juxtapose these aims with the United States’ well-established policies and interests, highlighting both convergence and divergence points.

As the EU and US maneuver through the complex Middle Eastern terrain, confronting assertive regional players such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Türkiye,  they must navigate a path that balances upholding moral principles while also securing geopolitical gains. This talk aims to raise questions on these issues and offer insights into how these two global powers engage in peace efforts, manage energy dependencies, and execute counter-terrorism strategies amidst the region’s ongoing strife. 

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