“The No Rights Zone”: Violence Against Muslims in China

“The No Rights Zone”: Violence Against Muslims in China

Kroc Center or live-stream,
424 Westfield St.
12:00 pm -
01:30 pm
FREE Admission
Categories: Open to Public | UI Program | WACU Program

Join the World Affairs Council Upstate for the first in our 2021-2022 series: Beyond the Headlines: Critical Issues Impacting our World. The Chinese Government has forced more than a million Muslims into internment camps, where they face psychological and physical torture. The vast majority are ethnic Uighurs, a Turkic minority group living in Xinjiang, through the “Sinification of Islam Campaign” now impacts several minority groups and regions. While many outside of China accuse the Communist Party of genocide, Chinese officials adamently insist the internment camps are “vocational tradiing schoos” and a necessary tool for “combating extremist thought and international terrorism”.

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